Sunday, July 04, 2010


Hangman is a favorite game in my primary class. There is one five year old girl that speaks so quietly I must strain my ears to make out what she says. Then there are usually five rowdy boys that are six or seven years old who have all manner of noisy things to say. But on one front they are all united. Hangman.

The construction of the hangman platform has become nearly as important as solving the puzzle. First, I draw the hangman platform. Next, I add wavy lines underneath to indicate hot lava. The hot lava was the first modification requested by my morbidly creative charges. It has become a regular addition.

Today, instead of guessing a letter, several kids wanted to come up to the board and further imperil the hangman. One boy came up and drew a shark with lots of teeth jumping onto the platform. Next, another came up and drew an electrical storm. One very large cloud overhead with several zigzag lightning bolts reaching downward. But he did not stop there. He added spikes to the base of the entire platform except for a tiny area large enough for him to slip through into the hot lava.

I can't wait for next week.


Rachel said...

That is simply FANTASTIC!!! We always played lethal injection. But of course, that was as teenagers.

Anonymous said...

Re: your timely Avatar. Have you seen the movie? Another vision of utopia. I watched it with Mom about 12 times before I could bear to be left along in the dark dismal, discusting, demented,nightmare of an demon stuck in the choky which we call earthly existence. If this is the Telestial Kingdom I will gladly give up my sins to for me and my beloved to escape to tomorrow. However it does have the redeeming quality of childrem and grandchildren, trees, oceans, birds, and tyronisaurisies.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.