Wednesday, September 09, 2009

fantastic fiction

This post is nothing more than a plug for one of my most favorite websites of all time. I adore it. And go there far too often.

It is fantastic fiction. Or rather, It is a huge database of authors and books with author bios and organized lists (and cover images) of all the books the author has written, grouped by series and listed in order of publication. It also has a "coming soon" section and a "most popular" section. Authors are also categorized into genres.

Here are my reasons for loving this site:
1) It's super-organized. And complete. So far there is only one author I've looked for that isn't on there--Sarah Jewett. But she's been dead for 100 years, and is pretty obscure.
2) There is a section at the bottom of each author's page that lists other authors also visited by people who viewed the original author's page--and sorted by frequency. (um..that was sortof confusing. In short, it links to similar author's pages.) I have discovered many authors this way.
3) In the listing of all authors on the website, my name is not there. Thus, should I turn into an amazing fantasy author my name will be unique and not confused with anyone else.
4) I can keep up on what's new and discover long forgotten authors.
5) I can amuse myself by looking in the "most popular" section. At the moment, the #1 most popular is "A Rogue of my Own", by Johanna Lindsey. Ahem. You know you want it.

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