Monday, September 21, 2009

the awesomeness that is my computer setup

Last week I had a problem. My (desktop) computer blacked out, and upon reset, there was no video output. Grrrrr. I checked all the cords to no avail.

But this has happened before. Except that time it was the CPU. And my bro-in-law saved me.

But this time I did it all myself. I've had to trouble shoot this computer enough (though unsuccessfully in the past) to pretend to know a thing or two.

So. I went to frys. You know. Frys. But then, before moving to CA, I did not know this thing called Frys. (Pronounced: fries. not friss. And it's like a super warehouse of electronic stuff). Frys is 4 blocks from my house. And I bought a video card, ram, and a power supply. I tested the new parts one at a time to see if it would output video. But then I realized that not all video cards have the same interface (heh). So I went back and got another video card...and swapped it..and WAS TRIUMPHANT! Now I just have to return the rest of the stuff I didn't need.

Except, I'd already given up and had ordered a laptop (my first!) during an online sale a few days earlier. I sort of needed a computer. ASAP.

So now I have put away my lovely desktop for future use. Except I hooked up my old monitor into my new laptop so now I have AWESOME dual screen action. YESSSSSSSS.


Jess said...

A girl computer nerd! Only in PA. Well done LRH!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Your computer is working perfectly well. It's the network. Down there, they are sensitive to student needs and students in general are preferring the challenge of computer gaming over homework. By introducing erratic computer dependability, gamers are effectively discouraged in their compulsive usage of Internet time and may do homework rather than be bored. Unfortunately the many must be sacrificed for the one in Bama/Kennedian socialized culture.

The Pauls said...

How frustrating!! At least you got a lap top out of it :0)

So long, and thanks for all the fish.