Tuesday, August 18, 2009

in the heat of battle

Also while visiting Utah, DH and I spent time athleticizing with his family.

Mrs. H sure can swing that club.

My brilliant balancing act.

Jonny watches thoughtfully from the sidelines.

Mr. H preps his golf ball. Let it be known he had 3 holes in one. Go Mr. H!

And now, tennis. Be aware that the temperature was in the upper 90s. If you are wondering why I am not in these tennis pictures, it's because I was sitting in the shade leaning against a fence like any sane person would under the circumstances.

I inherited nephew Cooper upon marriage to DH. He is so adorable.

Aw. DH is smiling at me.

Cooper's mom, Anita (below), turned 25 the same day my nephew Lucas turned 1. She and I are the same age now...but regrettably for only 3 weeks since I am soon to leave 5^2 for 2*13.

The H brothers battle it out. Notice the intense facial expressions!

Jonny is ready for anything DH can dish out.

This is Jonny's thoughtful moment before he pounces!

With the amount of golf and tennis going on this trip, you might be fooled into thinking that's how the H family spend most of their time. But don't be fooled. Trivial Pursuit, Guess-what-President-is-on-my-forehead (below), and newspaper Price is Right are just a few of the games known to have gripped the H family during our trip:)

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kt said...

Please continue the blogging. I am soooo delighted each time!

love love love

So long, and thanks for all the fish.