Monday, August 17, 2009

fame in the eyes of many / love poem

DH and I met in an LDS singles ward. Stanford 1st, to be specific. I didn't like him. (But he liked me!) You might even say I avoided him. In fact, you might say a lot more things that I can't believe I ever felt/thought/did! A negative opinion, once formed, dies hard. Unless God smiles upon you, that is.

But then, 3 years later, we got married. How did this happen? Loathe to Love in 3 years flat. Our story has become famous (or infamous?) among the Stanford singles wards. People I don't know and have never talked to know about us (that is, never talked to until they walk up to me at a party and say, "Are you the laura that dated so and so..." etc). I also suspect that it is a celebrated story because it has some similarities to Pride and Prejudice (which is of course wildly popular you know).

But we have now possibly reached the pinnacle of fame. We have been mentioned on The Apron Stage, by none other than Sarah Olson. Quoting her post from August 17:
And a few years ago, a guy in my church (Dave) loved a girl in my church (Laura) who hated him. She hated him. But Dave pursued and pursued and one day Laura realized she was ridiculous for not loving Dave because he was so awesome. They married and still beam at each other in public and in private. (As charming and hope-giving as their story is, it put the fear of Love into each of the women we knew. What if the man of our dreams is the very guy we like the least? This is a question I have still not resolved. I hope I never have to, please bless.)
Sarah's point about the fear of Love is well founded. It is true I did not like DH. Then, all the sudden I did. This was nothing less than God opening my eyes. There were several difficult months of dating DH where I had two warring angels on my shoulders. The good angel saw DH with newly opened eyes, and the bad angel remembered the way I used to see him. It was difficult (to say the least) to reconcile the two versions of feelings in my head.

And now I must say this: DH did not deserve to be unliked. He was only ever charming and handsome. Beware how quick you judge a potential suitor. People get nervous and say stupid things. Or you might feel emotionally unavailable because you met someone the day before that you already like a lot. Tunnel vision is not helpful there. Or you might hate bowling and thus remember that date and suitor negatively.

And now for a love poem (haiku).

Ode to DH

DH is my love
my hiccups are really loud
but he still loves me


Lindsey and Tommy said...

Oh Laura... It is hard to believe you really had those feelings... you are so in love now!! It's great though!! I still remember you telling the story in person at your wedding shower...I was laughing so hard imagining how you really loathed him... too funny!! But I am glad your eyes were opened...and I am sure Dave is too :)

Rebecca said...

Laura, the snowballing fame of your romance indicates a best seller. Write a book and take me on a world tour:) Truely, write your story, and people will love it. It's obviously the stuff of dreams. Maybe an interweaving with Pride and Prejudice would be fun. Do it.

rbounful said...

Let Rebecca henceforth address me as Mr. Russon. Furthermore, a brilliant man from Roy being PAID to attend Stanford MUST be in need of a wife! What other explanation need be made?

MommaMcCarthy said...

hahaha, i love your poem. i only wish i'd thought of it first, as it most certainly applies to me too. (except, it would be an ode to Jay, silly)

So long, and thanks for all the fish.