Monday, March 16, 2009

you da ma'am! + rainbow shirt love

Today I got one of those hat tipping "ma'am" acknowledgments. I was just walking into a store, and this guy said "ma'am" as he passed me on his way out. I wasn't even wearing a hat, or anything distinguished. Thus I must conclude that he was showing deference to my rainbow shirt.

Yes, my rainbow shirt. I'm wearing it today. It's my favorite shirt. I sort of adore it. I'm wearing it in my current blogger profile picture (taken on my honeymoon with DH). I'm wearing it here and here also (in fact, I'm wearing the same pants in those pictures...but they were taken 6 months apart. And the baby isn't mine, the picture is the first time I met my nephew, Alex).

DH likes to tease me about my rainbow shirt, but as I told him this morning, it's got at least a few years of wear left.

the end.

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Rebecca said...

Perhaps he was showing plain, old-fashioned good manners to a lovely lady. Remember the half-rest hat?

So long, and thanks for all the fish.