Monday, March 23, 2009

the cuteness of babies

The best thing about going to a Spanish speaking ward is that the babies are cuter than you could possibly imagine. Latino babies are way cuter than boring white babies. DH loves Latino babies, and has requested that when we have kids, that we have a Latino baby. I told him he married the wrong woman, and he will be stuck with boring blond white babies. Alas. It's just as much his fault as mine.

ps. If you have a boring white baby, don't feel slighted. I know you couldn't help it. Boring white babies are cute too:)


Anna said...

You could always dress up your boring white babies as cute Latino babies for Halloween :)

kt said...

well if you would COME on gchat I would give you many cool gchats to post. a plethora, even.

btw, I think white babies are fun. My nephew is one and he is soooo great!

rbounful said...

Yea harven evn fohur O den babien. So fur so gudt. Allen intellergant y nonnen i der stokadde. Kommien fra dersammen amohusenpersonenmitnonammen

So long, and thanks for all the fish.