Wednesday, December 12, 2007

a warm day

Though, today is not warm, except in my coat.

I discovered two very important things today:

1) that even though I have two coats that look the same, one is fleece and one is wool. Thus there is no need for me to continue to freeze every morning standing at the train station in my fleece coat. Now I can stand in my wool coat and be warm. Unfortunately, the slow mind of a cold commuter took far too long to realize this very pertinent fact.

2) that Blogger is NOT notifying me via email when I receive comments on my posts as it has done for years past. All the past month I thought nobody was reading my blog (and I was sad to think no one appreciated my Barry White post), but I discovered this morning that there are indeed comments and that Blogger is in err.

Hurrah for the warm days ahead!


j the rlrbr said...

oh, chill thought -- that each time as you posted, you thought your audience was unmoved, while each time i made a dance, a sigh, a snort of ecstasy....

Rebecca said...

Yes, but get ready for 25 degrees with a wind chill factor that equals 11 :)

So long, and thanks for all the fish.