Tuesday, April 03, 2007

me and my B-

For all those who were secretly (or not secretly) hoping for a disgraceful finish to my economics career, you will be delighted to hear the following: I got a B- in game theory. Yes. A B-. Not even a B. I've never gotten a B. It would have been nice to get a B just once. I might be more reconciled to my B- had I hitherto received a B. But. It was not to B. (Hideously bad pun in honor of DH.)

I have had a B+ though...on two occasions. On both occasions, I was exceedingly grateful for the B+. I suppose I should be grateful for my B- as well, but I find myself lacking in such desire.

I find consolation in the fact that no one will ever see my B- since it's in the last quarter on my transcript. But then, it won't matter that no one will see it since I will have already told everyone it exists. Alas. I worked very hard in the class too. Alas. I will accept consolation from this point until April 30 in the form of flowers, gifts, or stinging commentary on this post. Thank you.

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