Friday, November 11, 2005

Thoughts on Birthdays

Birthdays are birthdays. You can celebrate the anniversary of your day of birth, but that is different from celebrating turning 19, or 45, or whatever. Technically, on my 23rd birthday, it will be the first day of my 24th year, so I should really be celebrating the day before the birthday --the day I am finishing my 23rd year. That is more cause to celebrate turning 23, is it not?

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Sarah Louise said...

I don't know. I kind of think that it's wholer, more integral (integer-like) to celebrate the completion of a year when you know the year is over (ie. the day after the year is done). Because, if you celebrate on the last day of the year, then there are still minutes left in that day, and you've haven't finished the whole year. (Am I thinking about this right?) That's why we celebrate New Year's Eve at midnight on New Year's Eve, when it's technically no longer the old year and is the new year. Because if we were celebrating the last day of the year, rather than celebrating the completion of another year (and start of a new one), then we would have the ball drop and the kissing and the Martinelli's at 12:00 am on Dec. 31, rather than 12:00 am on Jan. 1.

I think that's what I think. But then, I like birthdays because they mean people are whole, are integral, clean.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.