Thursday, August 23, 2012

primeness birthday notes

When I was 23 I had a crush on a 29 year old. I told myself, it must be fate if we are both prime numbers. In the intervening years, I have struggled with enjoying these numbers. What is 24 compared to 23? Nothing. (Mathematically 24 is deadly dull comparatively speaking. Even the illustrious perfect square 25 or perfect number 28 does not compare to being prime.) 23 was my golden age after all, as they say. You know, born on the 23rd and turning 23 makes for a golden year. But before the year was even halfway over, I'd switched targets. To DH. yep. I got him good. Woot.

Now I'm 29 and though I dance a jig at my primeness, I can't help looking back to my last prime year of 23 and be so grateful I did switch targets. yay for me and dh!

the end.

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