Thursday, February 23, 2012


So it happened. I gave in and bought a costco membership. Mainly because of the tiny human. I never joined in my Stanford days, when a lot of "roommates" would split a membership. Before last saturday, I had been inside of Costco only twice.

The first visit was 4 years ago to return wedding presents that we couldn't fit into my car for the drive from Utah to California. However, this visit got me no further than the returns desk at the front of the store. Resulting from this visit I became the proud owner of a "cash card," which I realized was code for gift certificate. The second visit was to spend what was on the cash card. I used it to purchase things for my wedding open house in California. Two things remained in my memory from that visit: 1) giant container of frozen cream puffs & 2) huge tray of shrimp, neither of which I purchased.

And so last Saturday was technically my third time inside Costco, but really only the second time I purchased anything, and in reality the first visit as a real member. And alas I saw neither cream puffs nor shrimp. But I wasn't really looking.

To my surprise I discovered there is no such thing as costco grocery bags. Instead they give you a huge apple packing box that miraculously fits in the cart, and even more miraculously, in my trunk. Which we filled to maximum capacity. And naturally we didn't leave without spending hundreds of dollars.

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