Monday, December 19, 2011

Presidential Cabinets

David has some issues with our kitchen. It has more than twice the amount of cabinets and drawers that our kitchen in Palo Alto had.  He claims not to understand when I tell him where something goes. If I say "it goes in the left corner cabinet" he things there are just TOO many cabinets where that description could apply. 

So one day he takes some of my post-it notes and labels each and every cabinet and drawer in order of the US presidents. Starting with Washington.  He calls them the Presidential Cabinets. David is enamored with puns. (obviously).  

These new labels have their own difficulties. First of all, I don't remember which president goes with which cabinet. And the labels are too small so I have to lean forward and squint (since I never wear glasses in the kitchen).

Clearly our camera is not good at closeups. But if you squint you can sort of read the labels.

The "Grant" cabinet

The "Johnson" cabinet

etc, etc. There are 20 cabinets/drawers total, labeled in sequential order going from left to right around the kitchen. Just FYI, silverware is in Madison.


kt said...

I vote you put presidential posters on the cabinets. This would be much more effective! A headshot, perhaps?

Juliana said...

I think this stands as further proof that you and DH are made for one another and that he belongs in our family.

LRH said...

well, to be truthful I couldn't name the presidents in order if my life depended on it. Or out of order.

I love the idea of headshots!

Jeffery's said...

That is too funny!!!!

So long, and thanks for all the fish.