Monday, October 31, 2011

Dreams + Weird Al's Birthday, observed

So Oct 23 was Weird Al's birthday. To past readers of this blog, you  know that Weird Al has a special place in my husbands heart. And every year he partakes of the twinkie wiener sandwich in honor of Weird Al. See this post from last year.

This year was slightly different. First of all, he did it a day late (shocking!) due to lack of necessary supplies. Second, the brand of cheeze whiz and hot dog was different. (The newly purchased "Easy Cheese" for 2011 expires in 3 months, unfortunately. I keep hoping that someday he can reuse the can of cheeze whiz at least once. NOT that I am encouraging the use of cheeze whiz. Because I am NOT. It is gross. Just want to make that clear.) Third, it took place in Utah instead of California. Oh, how I miss the Palo Alto air. And our old apartment. I SO miss the fridge. And I even miss having no space and the noise of the old wall heater that groaned like the ghost of last Thursday as it turned on and off. Fourth, I was unable to get a picture on his first bite. My camera kept turning off instead of taking a picture. So after two attempts, I changed the batteries and had him do a pretend-eating pose so that there would be some hot dog left if it turned off again. Fifth, David put on his new Weird Al t-shirt in honor of the occasion.

Here are some action shots:

The application of the new cheese. He opted to go with "cheddar" flavor. There were other flavors, but I think his choice was very wise.

This is the pretend-eating moment. I think he overdid it a little.

And here he is looking absurdly happy with his celebratory sandwich. And yes that is twinkie filling on his face.

And now for the really strange part. The final reason this Weird Al Birthday celebration was different from last year's was that this year I HAD A DREAM ABOUT WEIRD AL. Yes. It was technically in the very early hours of the morning on Oct 24, but it was close enough to his birthday to count. Weird Al had invited me and someone else (who I forget) to his house. It was like a special tour. And there was a race track around it. We drove really fast in the car. And his wife looked exactly like Steve Young's wife. (Which is to say, it WAS Steve Young's wife. I know what she looks like because we were in their ward for a while in Palo Alto, whereas I have no clue what Weird Al's wife looks like.)

Now that we are on the topic of Steve Young, I may as well say a few things. I really don't think he should be revered. He is a normal guy. He forgot his tie once at church. And I once saw him holding a diaper bag. I am thinking it probably had a dirty diaper in it too. Or three.

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Rachel said...

I love it!!! And I am excited to try this concoction sometime.

And on the topic of Steve Young, he also can't remember the right word while teaching, but is a fantastic Sunday School teacher. Which I appreciate far more than whatever accomplishments he had in sports.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.