Saturday, July 30, 2011


So. Tuesday is the day DH and I will find out whether there is a little emperor or a little eppie growing inside me.

As fun as we thought it would be to leave it a surprise, we are now going to find out what IT IS. I still think of IT as an alien invader, living in my body and making creepy, sneaky, fluttery movements that I always assume to be gas. If I let myself think it is not gas, then it sort of weirds me out and makes me feel like I ate a spider or something. Ew. Yeah. So, I admit to being less than maternal. But I also admit that it is probably a human fetus.

And now for the requisite predictions. Boy or girl? For the sake of having a prediction (which DH insists is very important), I am going to say it is a boy. And also for the sake of the prediction, DH has agreed to do the opposite and say it is a girl. So there it is.

I do have some reasons for thinking it might be a boy. First and foremost, it is because of Elaina's towels. Elaina is a good friend I have from my geophysics undergrad. Together with Jillian, we were up to no good. And then I got married, and Elaina gave us a present. Part of that present consisted of a set of smallish blue towels, which she said were for our first child. She said she had a hunch.

The second reason I predict a boy is because I have often pictured having a baby that was a mini-David. In the first years of marriage when I was definitely not ready for kids, I did have an occasional glimmer that if the baby looked just like him, then having one might be ok.

David told me he thinks it might be a girl just because he's thought more about having a girl than a boy.

So we will find out soon enough!

Special Announcement:
After learning I have zero intention doing the "mommy blogger" thing, David decided that he wanted to be a daddy blogger. And here is his first post: I'm not sure how crazy he is planning to get, but it is likely there will be more baby stuff on that blog than on this one.


Ames said...

Just wait until it gets big enough that you can actually see your stomach moving when it rolls and kicks. Equal parts terrifying and fascinating. I keep expecting to see a little hand or foot break through Alien-style.

For my prediction, I'm gonna go with BOY. Everyone keeps telling me they're easier than girls (fingers crossed).

Apothecary Inn said...

I am never one to go against an Elaina prediction. BOY! :)

P.S. - Thanks for the shout-out, fellow partner in crime!

Johannes and Christine said...

I'm so happy you're going to find out - it's super exciting! I'm going to say BOY too...just because having a boy first is so great :)

j the maguessifant said...

I vote with Heidi and David. GIRL.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.