Monday, October 18, 2010

Emily Dibb's Hair

Emily Dibb was in 7th grade orchestra with me (and more..). I adored her hair. I told her I would devote a chapter of my book to her hair. (That is, the book that I was going to write eventually about random stuff. It hasn't been written. YET. Don't give up hope for me.)

Poor Emily has been waiting so long. She likely does not even know that I still think of her--or her hair--quite often. I doubt she remembers it was going to be a chapter in my book.

Here is my 1st mini-draft. For Emily.


Emily Dibb's Hair

Emily's hair was like nothing I had ever seen. Thick. Curly. It was long. Like mermaid hair. Long enough that you wonder how long it really was when it was wet. Emily told me once that she didn't like it. Was even poked fun of for it. I forget the exact word she said was used against her, but I would not repeat it if I remembered! Emily's hair should bear no false names. Not even in memory.

But I adored it. And still do. The tiny curling wisps that frame her forehead. The bangs that come and go. Always thick and curly. I wanted it for my own.


Emily Dibb's Hair.


Rachel said...

Love the mini draft, and I want to read this book!!!

Jodi said...

I love it!

Anonymous said...

Emily Dibb Must be an unusualy gifted, intelligent, insightful, powerfully motivating and clever person. Because I don't know this person more than in the most superficial shadowy way I believe that I can say that she is also spiritually and physically beautiful. This last sentence I must believe is absolutely true do the intense feeling I felt while writing it in the middle of primarily a self-focused, generally inconsequential and self-consciously trivial word grouping which pleases me enormously and endlessly to read and then to re-read, long after it has retreated into the well deserved waste and dust heap of anyone's mind. Why are you still reading this?

So long, and thanks for all the fish.