Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Of late, I have begun to pursue a second career option. I began a second masters degree last fall in Library and Information Science through San Jose State U.

Getting an MLIS never would have occurred to me if it weren't for Reija. Reija of red hair, who just had to suffer through a gross anatomy course at Rochester med school. Here is a picture of me "wearing" Reija's hair:

I always wanted to have red hair.

Ahem. Well, what's the point of getting a degree in library science, you may ask? One year ago I would have told you that there was no point, that there couldn't possibly be anything to learn about being a librarian, especially at the masters level. But then, at the time, I thought that all librarians did was check in books. The facts are, many people these days who get an MLIS degree don't work in libraries because their skills are applicable to many other jobs and are highly in demand. Interesting article that helps illuminate the profession: here

So, back to Reija. I was trying to think of another career option and she told me the answer. Get an MLIS, she said. "It's hip." That, combined with my book obsession and worship of my library card was enough.

Lesson learned: If Reija tells you to do something, DO it.

PS: Reija, I am missing you.


Reija said...

I am missing you too! I was just wondering how that program was going for you.

p.s. You look hot with my hair. Tee hee.

j the information scientist fan said...

I must say, I concur. You do look hot.

One of my (two) aunts has an MLIS, and it came in very handy for me. I basically had my own personal librarian for a few years. WAY better than a personal trainer. I have always been assured of the complete utility of a degree in library science. Librarians are the last best bastion of information freedom, dissemination, and preservation.

roscivs said...

lol, I was just going to comment that red hair looks good on you. Apparently I've already been beaten to the punch twice!

Anonymous said...

What pretty girls!

So long, and thanks for all the fish.