Monday, November 10, 2008

autumn and roundabouts

Autumn is here in Palo Alto. It is so lovely. I noticed today that trees on my block have leaves of every color, even some hints of orange (the coveted color). If anyone is bored and would like to make a list of trees with leaves that turn orange during the fall (and send it to me), I'd be most grateful!

Do you see my car?

It may look from these photos that I am standing in the middle of the street, but that is not quite true. I am standing in the middle of a roundabout! These roundabouts are getting a lot of attention lately. Not only are they very small and don't require you to slow down to get around (veering is sufficient), but they put them in the same intersections as stop signs. A lot of people ignore the roundabouts and just turn left the short cut way. Whenever I witness people doing that I make sure to pause and glare at them so they may know I am VERY unhappy with their choice of action.

While standing in the middle of the round about I got some funny looks, but it made me think. Nobody ever drives through the roundabout. It's perfectly safe to stand there. I might put a tent there sometime. Or play a game of boggle. I looked down at my feet and saw the sewer cap, and noticed that the sewer has the same logo image as Stanford University. The TREE!

Look at the flowers my wonderful husband got me when I got sick last week.

If any of you have noticed a marked change in the number of photos I post, it's because I've married into a digital camera.


Dad said...

Thanks for the heads up on the goat shoes. I have updated my favorites in case I am in a hurry for them at some time in the (distant) future. I always appreciate the convenience of Yahoo purchase option. It really enhances the buying experience.


Dad said...

In replying to this blog note, I have noticed a particularly ominous redirect of my email response to Opera. (There is absolutely NO singing). I suppose the notable presence of character histrionics and visible anger suppression evidenced by the Arizona senator could explain the unanticipated redirect. I'll bet the daytime opera GNU group might be attracted by his volatile nature and this could trump their usual bland fare. (I am concerned that this might be a campain scare tactic from the McCain election committee. Do you think someone should tip them off about the election results?)

Regarding the flowers, the flower motif wins high marks and is significantly evidential with respect to his aesthetic sensitivity but is it possible that he didn't notice that they were an allowgraft(sic)to the root and leaf structure of lugubrious, a highly toxic plant substance if ingested after sunset at new moon. Hypothetically this frequently fatal outcome is due to the mating scent of the housa buggae, which attracts them to Lugub's root liposomes and cannot be seen (in the complete dark of the new moon and the absence of anything else to snack on.)

I usually make these constuctive but timeonsuming blog comments when it is 4 in the morning and I need to waste time.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.