Thursday, July 17, 2008

a mathematical love story

if(dh + lr = <3, lr=lrh, lr=lr);
elseif(dh +lr =2*<3, dh=dr,dh=dh);

factor(drh + lrh) = (d + l)rh

...(l-d) +d = (<3)/rh-d
...(l-d) = (<3)/rh-2d

if(l - d = h)
& substitute:
thus: h=(<3)/rh-2d
...h = (<3-2drh)/rh
...rh^2 = <3 - 2drh
...rh(h+2d) = <3

A: rh(h+2d)

Q: What is love


MommaMcCarthy said...

heh heh. the kind of post i can appreciate. though i'm not sure i get all of it. does this mean you're not part of love?

Laura said...

alas, that is one possible conclusion. However, at least part of me is love. RH. The common factor is part of love!

So long, and thanks for all the fish.