Thursday, April 10, 2008


Even though not inspired, this is what was on my mind today. Part 1, of course.

How to survive at work.


When in need of amusement, be sure to go in the break room during lunch to refill your water bottle or wash something. The admin ladies (taking their forced lunch hour) talk very loudly on a variety of topics—the more amusing when heard only in snippets.

Today’s snippet:

“I didn’t know she was a transvestite. Is she taking hormones?”

“What about Dexter? Have you seen him? He’s the complete opposite.”

I have no idea who Dexter is. I mistakenly thought she was asking if anyone had watched Dexter’s Laboratory on Cartoon Network (my favorite cartoon! Especially the episode at the ant colony where Dee Dee does her dance and saves the day).


Water your plants. The free baby plant that came with your cube can be your best friend. Invest in a $5 pot. Beware of overwatering…

If you have a plant that flowers, take a picture immediately. The flower will be dead within 48 hours. Insert company name here sucks the life out of everything.

Someone gave me a bromeliad for my birthday last August. It bloomed its one long awaited flower 2 months later—on a Friday. It was dead when I came back Monday. Sigh. At least I have a picture:) See above photo.

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j the jollyworker said...

i heart this post. o how I remember the days of loathing work. so happily i now love it. and happily your days are numbered!

So long, and thanks for all the fish.