Monday, March 24, 2008

men are from mars

The origin of the species is discovered: Scientists Discover Signs of Life on Mars.

Or not. Salt does not mean life. Headline writers can come up with totally bogus headlines. And inaccurate. Do they even bother reading the articles before writing the headline?

And speaking of inaccurate headlines, I must protest book blurb writers too. I have seen too many grossly misleading statements on the back cover of books written to catch your eye. Did they do it intentionally, or maybe they just skimmed the first and last chapters because they were in a rush and misunderstood the plot. I wonder how much of the book the summary writer is required to read, by contract, before writing the blurb. I doubt it's 100%. What would you guess? 30%? Skim the whole thing? I guess I'll never know.

I wonder what the book blurb would be for the Bible.

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