Saturday, February 16, 2008

the longstanding err of fantasy

I must express my consternation (and sympathy) at the death of Robert Jordan. I know I am 6 months late, but I only just learned of it. He was one book away from completing his 12-book fantasy epic, the Wheel of Time, the books of which range from 600-1000 pages each and an impressive display of excessive information. I read books 1-10 all at once, then decided to wait until book 12 came out and read 11 and 12 together. Alas! He cannot finish it. But all is not lost, his wife has asked another fantasy author, Brandon Sanderson, to write the last one using Jordan's notes. Sanderson is LDS too. I think I'll try one of his books.

Some fantasy series have the tendency to go on forever and ever. What really irks me is when I have waited years for another book (often the 3rd book in what I think is a trilogy) to come out, only to discover that the story doesn't end. I'm cut off and left hanging once again. My latest frustration: The High King's Tomb, by Kristen Britain. It is book 3 in her green rider series. I was sure it was going to be the last. But no. Not. And she is the slowest writer living. Dead writers are even slower, but not by much. I wish there could be a disclaimer on the first page, saying:
this book doesn't end, don't get your hopes up.

Sigh. I really must protest.

Another flaw in neverending series is that you have forgotten everything about the previous novels while waiting for the sequel. Inefficient. Tsk tsk. Not to mention the danger of the author in dying before it ends. Beware.

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I agree completely.

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