Thursday, September 27, 2007

professor plum, in the library, with the calculator. Take that!

I have exceeded the proper number of calculators (two). Today I bought my 5th.

Journey of calculators:

tiny_white_thing: I got this free somehow, and you couldn't see the numbers right unless you strained the calculator into an arc.
Sharp (theforgettablemodel): scientific calculator..with a broken flip sheath. I use this one at work now (because I'm pessimistic/realistic and assume anything nicer will be stolen).
TI-85: purchased in 7th grade. It took me a while to warm up to this was my first grapher:)
TI-89: purchased solely to get an A in physics 3220 in college. Test problems weren't possible to complete without it. (really!)
TI-30x IIS: scientific calculator (with stat functions), purchased from the allowed calculator list for my Fundamentals of Engineering (EIT) exam. The allowed calc list had only 5 models on it. As if anyone would already own one of them. Psh.

SIGH. The EIT exam. Oct. 27. I should have started studying 2 months ago, but I did not. Alas! I must cram far too much knowledge in my head in too short a time--information I worked for diligently over 6 years but ended up forgetting. If I seem a rare blogger of late, know I am thinking of you whenever I am not studying for the EIT. I made up a study schedule on google calendars. I searched for EIT under public google calendars, and it seems other people have started studying before I have. At least I started a month in advance. That's better than the night before.

Wish me luck.


UsedToBeDay said...

Good Luck!

j the l said...

Charms of good luck to you.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.