Monday, February 19, 2007

cheesecake: the peer pressure drug

As an update to the long dark confusing and pointless battle of cheesecake, I have come to my conclusion. I only buy cheesecake under peer pressure. In the same vein as stupid people who do drugs at parties because everybody else is doing it, I do cheesecake when everybody else is doing it. I am weak. But in those few and far between stolen moments with cheesecake, I sort of like it. A little bit. Enough to look forward to the next stolen moment, but not enough to go when I am not mislead by others...

secret delight p.s. :
I purchased my current bottle of shampoo under the impression that it was peach colored, in a clear bottle. To my surprise, it seems that it is actually yellow in a pink bottle. I find far too much delight in seeing the pink peek out at me as the shampoo level lowers. For those looking for a similar thrill, buy this.

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