Wednesday, January 17, 2007

econ: a way of life.

I have done a stupid thing.

Let me rephrase. I have done many stupid things. My latest stupid thing is this: becoming an economist.

I used to think economics was a cop out major. I had no real basis for this belief. I once heard someone describe majoring in economics as "a waste of time," followed by "super easy major." Since I knew no economics majors, that description was never dislodged. (But then, seeing as how I was a physics major when I heard that statement, I was probably a snob and readily believed it. Maybe.) And now it comes to this: I decided to take two economics classes this quarter. I go to class. I sit. And I become very very stupid as the secret of economics is revealed to me, and I understand none of it. Albeit they are graduate level and I have taken none of the prerequisites. But still.

O economists whom I have wronged, I humble myself at your feet.

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Laura said...

I dropped one of the classes. I am a failure...

So long, and thanks for all the fish.