Sunday, December 10, 2006

Hidden Grinch Day

I have a thing to say and it is this: I am a grinch. In my heart, I will always be thus. But to the world, I am a grinch only before December 10. On December 10 I feel that I no longer have sufficient excuse to complain about the 24th version of silent night that's just come on the radio sung by the latest American Idol reject. On December 10 I no longer cringe openly at the decorations that hang so low I have to walk around them. On December 10 I no longer go to great lengths to avoid wearing a red shirt on the days I wear my green jacket. On December 10 I resign myself to 15 days of misery, where I invariably listen to loud rock and roll stations that never play anything remotely christmasy.

Why December 10? Because it comes between December 9 and 11, obviously. What other day would I choose? I thought briefly about December 15, but decided against it for two reasons:
1) 10 days just doesn't seem long enough to develop a secret grinch mystique.
2) It's my parents' anniversary and I just don't feel right making it Hidden Grinch Day.

So, Happy Hidden Grinch Day. I am now officially grinch-incognito.

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Dad said...

I would be happy if Christmas could be called X-mas by everyone. I would be happy if X-mas began December 23 (our family celebration is too fun to miss), ending at 12 AM December 26. Done, forgotten, no visible remnants. Nothing, Zip, Nada. I find the presents especially depressing. Dad

So long, and thanks for all the fish.