Monday, August 28, 2006

the haunted bathroom

So...I woke up this morning like it was any other day. I didn't want to get up. This was most likely due to the fact I was up late finishing book # 151 as promised (see last post). I decide whether to eat cereal first, or take a shower first. I decide to eat cereal. Afterward, I step in the shower and there is this goopey substance near the drain. I try not to think about the water is already on and I don't care enough. But then, when I reach for my shampoo bottle, I discover it is completely empty. Upon closer examination of said bottle, there is a tiny hole in the base. The plastic seam had spontaneously split apart in a small hole (poking out, not in, which means it wasn't a man-made prank). How can this be? It was fine yesterday. I've never had a bottle of anything leak spontaneously from a mysterious hole. I haven't even dropped it recently.

There have been other strange things occur as well. First, there was the bobby pin that I "misplaced." I have no recollection of this. I put it down, and then it wasn't there anymore. I liked that pin. I keep finding these tiny screws laying around too. There isn't any rational explanation for that one...not like the time I was driving my car and something hard fell onto my leg and onto the floor. I had suspected the person next to me in the car had thrown something at me and pretended not to. But then I noticed a couple weeks later there was a screw missing in the overhead visor thing. Mystery solved. I put the screw back.

And so, I must conclude, my bathroom is haunted. The ghost thinks I don't clean enough. But I totally cleaned it two weeks ago (after being inspired by sister, AKA mother of baby--actually, I started to clean it the moment I got home from visiting baby)...I even washed the curtain. The ghost tried to scare me away by causing my shampoo to leak. But, if I were a ghost, I'd do a much better job. I think that I'd first cause the shampoo to leak, just as a primer, and then go on to bigger and better things. Hopefully my ghost is a dumb ghost that lacks proper haunting skills. I guess I'll find out.

P.S. This is a completely lame post (I know, this is a big assumption because I'm implying that some of my posts aren't lame) and it's mostly just an excuse to see if stupid feedblitz is working again.

P.P.S. It just occurred to me that the missing bobby pin might have been the first step in the ghost's nefarious plan. Maybe my ghost is only semi-barely dumb. Strange things are afoot.

P.P.P.S. As a final note, it has just occurred to me that on my birthday last week I forgot to make a wish when I blew out my candle. Admittedly, the candle was in a scoop of ice cream and not in a cake, and I didn't have anybody yelling, "make a wish," as a reminder..but still. I feel as if I've lost something. However, I have become a prime number, and so that sort of makes up for it. Being a prime number will surely instill special powers that shall aid me in my quests.

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Laura said...

I have just remembered that the lid to my hair mousse went missing a few months back..quite inexplicably. I hadn't seen roommate hadn't see wasn't in the trash or in several pieces on the wasn't anywhere. A complete mystery. This must have been the first sign of the ghost, but, having hitherto objected to acknowledging that the supernatural abide in California, I ignored its significance.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.